BMM stock a complete program of hardware articles manufactured at our own factory, and large program of related products from leading international manufacturers.

A continuous product development is going in close dialogue with commercial fishermen and trawlmakers worldwide.

BMM develops, produces and supplies all sorts of lifting- and lashing equipment to all industries. BMM performs test and approval of lashing equipment.

BMM offers tensile testing on test benches op to 250 tons.

In addition BMM produces custom made lifting brackets, transport cradles and transport brackets to the windmill industry among others.

BMM produces subcomponents in highest quality to fish farming installations, including mooring plates, made in suitable metals and alloys according to customer requirements.

BMM takes advantage of the longtime experience as supplier to the commercial fishing industry.

In addition BMM has a wide standard hardware program to the fish farming industry.

BMM produces all sorts of blocks to the commercial fishing fleet: trawlblocks, tackleblocks, snatchblocks etc. Custom made blocks to offshore vessels, research vessels etc. are a specialty.

BMM works closely with customers and ship designers regarding development of special blocks and solutions to the specific application. All blocks can be tested and supplied with certificates according to applicable rules.

Since 1993 BMM have produced road safety barriers under the brand name Safence. The barriers are marketed by BMM subsidiary Blue Systems AB in Sweden.

The system covers all needs for barriers: Highways – 2+1 roads and slope fence. The advantage with this cable barrier is: High security - quick installation - easy repairing - low cost.

Brdr. Markussens Metalvarefabrik A/S – ”THE BLUE LINE”

BMM is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hardware to commercial fishing. The product program contains both products manufactured on own, top modern product facilities in Vildbjerg, and a wide range of quality products like shackles, chains, connectors etc. from leading international manufacturers.

BMM have more than 13.000 m2 production- and warehouse facilities available.

BMM have an industrial division with production and testing of lifting- and lashing equipment for all industries. BMM specialize in automated production of welded transport brackets and cradles to the windmill industry.