04 Sep 2017

8 inch deepsea float with high strength


Strong 8 inch float with high strength 

Atlantic trawl floats are made from the best material available, and are designed to withstand high pressure

      Item no.  NP08-1400-CW 
Diameter 8 inch / 200 mm
Weight 1720 g
Maximum depth (1 h) 2000 m
Working depth (4 h) 1400 m
Buoyancy 2.300 g
Impact strength 60 kgm
Free fall more than 5 meter at 15ºC
Hole size 21 mm
Lazing hole Center
Color White
Shipping data:  
Quantity, bag / pallet 18 / 216 pcs 
Weight, bag / pallet  38,5 / 462 kg

            Buoyancy has been measured in fresh water. 

            In salt water the buoyancy increases.

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