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Triangels with swivels

SKU: E4-250
Part no. WLL
A B C D Plate Weight
ton mm mm mm kg
E4-250 5.3 480 250 A22FO A19ST 20.0 9.50
E4-300 9.0 570 300 A28FO A22FO 25.0 17.50

Available with variable numbers of swivels and types, on page E27


Part no. Top Bottom
E4-100 A16F0 2 x A12ST
E4-100/ Upon request Upon request
E4-100P Only triangle
E4-100/T16 A16FO 2 x A12CTD
E4-100/TU A16FO 0
E4-130 A19FO 2 x A19ST
E4-130/ Upon request Upon request
E4130P Only triangle
E4-130/T19 A19FO 2 x A16CTD
E4-130-T22 A22FO 2 x A19FO
E4-130/TU A19FO 0
E4-250 A22FO 3 x A19ST
E4-250/ Upon request Upon request
E4-250P Only triangle
E4-250/T22 A22FO 3 x A19FO
E4-250/2xA19ST A22FO 2 x A19ST
E4-250/TU A22FO
E4-300 A28FO 3 x A22FO
E4-300/ Upon request Upon request
E4-300P Only triangle