Bmm containerstraps

Blue Painted

C-grabs cg

For use with master link, eye hooks and choke

C-grabs cgd

For use with master links

C-grabs cl

For use with master links, eye hooks and choke

C-loks cld

For use with master links

Chain blocks

Container hooks ch

Made for lifting containers in their lower fittings

Crosby lifting clamps

For lifting in any direction

Grab hooks gg

Gunnebo safety hooks bkl

With swivel eye

Lever hoists

Lifting chains

Grade 8 - Short link

Master grabs mg

"All-in-one" compact top link

Master grabs duo mgd

"All-in-one" compact top link for 2-leg slings

Master links mfh

Designed for crane hooks, DIN 15401 MAX

Master links mfx

Oversized For 1- and 2-leg slings

Master links with sublinks mt

Designed for use with chain or wire rope For 3- and 4-leg slings

Rlp – rotating lifting points

Rotating lifting points

Rotating lifting points

Roundsling hooks rh

Safety hooks bk

Safety hooks bkd

The double latch BK-hook with recessed trigger

Safety hooks bkg

Safety hooks gbk

Sling hooks egkn

With latch

Sling hooks ekn

With latch

Swivel safety hooks lbk

With griplatch